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Ultris is an IT company specialising in software services and solutions.


Below is the conclusion that was reached by putting together a brief and carrying out in-depth research about the company. Before creating anything, the aim was to learn about the internal and external aspects (including client perspectives) of the company and their competition. Finally, after undertaking all of the research, a review was carried out and a concept and plan of action were created.


Ultris - the idea behind the name is a combination of meanings. The first part of the name is a tribute to the Second World War “Ultra" intelligence project and the second part of the name, "IS", is based on the type of work the company is involved with today - "information systems". As part of project "Ultra", Alan Turing and his team created a machine that could decode the most sensitive intelligence signals (the Enigma machine); this machine was also the foundation of today’s computers and related technology.


As a result, I created a symbol abstracted from today’s information systems and the “Ultra” intelligence project. As shown, I abstracted the circular shape from Alan Turing’s Enigma machine and the brackets that are a reference to the coding of today's information systems. I also decided to use two distinct colours to symbolise the different meanings of the word "ULTR-IS" that at the same time are connected to one another.