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Image Proposal for the Event

This was a group project and one of the final stages of the competition was to propose the visual image for the event which featured samples of portfolios from the university. We put together a brief about the project and looked for a suitable concept to encourage the students to go to the event.


Concept: “The sky’s the limit”


As a result, we developed a balloon-shaped logo to advertise the event which featured designs from final-year students from Jorge Tadeo University. With this logo-symbol we wanted to represent the idea of flying; while designing this, other concepts arose such as risk (be prepared, be ready) and embarking on a journey - when starting, you need a vision.


When you graduate you open new doors based on your choices. So we all have to choose a new journey and a new place where we want to be. We wanted to express this variety of options and choices using different colours.