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Design of Corporate Identity – Group Project


Groove is a company dedicated to the development of leather goods.


Below is the result that was achieved after putting together a brief and carrying out in-depth research about the company. We endeavoured to know everything about the internal and external aspects (including client perspectives) of the company and their competition. Based on the research we performed a review and developed a concept and plan of action for the corporate identity.

As result of all of this we found many communication issues; we therefore decided to develop a completely new brand image, as well as a branding manual.


Groove - when applied to music - comes from the expression ‘in the groove’, a phrase that appeared in the thirties during the swing boom. It refers to a form of playing with a tight, satisfying and very rhythmic style that spreads contagiously to the audience. By extension, the expression ‘groove’ was applied to everyone who had a good time. The adjective ‘groovy’ derived from this, with the meaning of excellent, rhythmic, joyful or contagious.


Groove aims to bring this rhythmic meaning to a new aesthetic and visual level, being a brand for a young audience – bold and chic. It is synonymous with elegance or extravagance, with versatility being one of its main characteristics, and always enjoys a high standard of quality.